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The game I placed second in
This post is about a Meme which is where you write a post like this and say something that you are proud of and then add up to ten links to other blogs that you “tag” and you go to their blog comment saying their taged so they have to go to your blog and check it out

In my life I am proud of is when Me and my uncle went to a E3 convention and I placed Second in Socom Us navy seals 4 fire fight, Out of 30 people I placed second it was bascily a seris of matches that are  on all of Socommaps created which is pretty amazing and I loved it!

Ok it’s the last paragraph so its time to tag up to ten people so my tags are:
bayleighs blog,

allens blog,

crystals blog

Elenas blog,

 Esmays blog,

Hannahs blog

Little T’s blog

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Student blogging challenge

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Doujin games

Who Won The Election?

Stephen Hearper


This guy right here! He won the 2011 federal election!

The liberal Party of canada suffered a huge defeat against the conservative party, They lost their offical opposition against the conservatives. In ther beggining they started out with 77 seats but suffered  in the end with only 62 seats!

Now for the Bloc Quebecois. Their party leader Gilles Duceppe steped down after the election becuase the NDP Had taken quebec by storm wiping the bloc out of quebec.  The Bloc ended up with 14 seats.. 🙁

The NDP. The NDP had a very strong showing all acrossed canada, The NDP came out with 100 seats!! That didnt beat the conservative party but atleast the NDP got to become the conservative offcial opposition! Good job Jack Layton!

The Conservatives. They in end won again! with a outstanding win of 131 seats! which means Stephen hearper gets another 4 years in the big parliment! He has been in office since 2006 which means hes been in for 5 years! thats a realy long time for a prime minister to be in office!

The green party.They usually dont even get one single seat in the election, but this year it changed! The green part got one seat!!! although in my opinion they will probably never get in atleast they’ve made some progress in this election!

The Independant party. They got 2 seats which is really surprising! I didnt even know that there was a indepentant party until I saw it…I dont really know much about the independant party except the fact that their part conservative and also independant

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(stephen Hearper Picture taken from)http://paulbuckley14059.wordpress.com/2008/09/

The Election Time Who Should Win?

The Election 

This is from bitstrips and its about the election.

I think that michale ignatief should win because he has the most for families and the elderly and this is frame for frame about a debate on who should win and what would happen if they did win! But on the other hand stephen hearpeer and jack layton do have good plans for health care, The future of children, Good plans for tax cuts and creating jobs.

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Thermal Expansion And Contraction Story

One day Steve and his friend Carl went out on their dirt bikes to the dunes they had a awesome 12 hour day of riding around in the hot hot sun. After they stoped to get a drink they went home. When they got home they laid their bikes on the grass went out back and played for about 10 minutes when they heard a very very loud BOOM! They ran around the house to their bikes. Steve’s and Carl’s dirt bike, both of the tires had exploded! What happened?

Well I think that after a 12 hour ride out in the hot sun the tires had expanded to the point where really they couldnt expand anymore so after they had let cool off they did the exact oppisite they were still expanding so when they heard the loud boom it was both of Carl’s tires exploding because the particles had no where to go..so they went everywhere!

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The Blog Game

I visited 3 blogs going from one blog following a link to another then to a third one and I found a couple good blogs.

By far I think colemans blog Cole Man’s Blog is the best that I found! He uses capitols periods in all the correct places,Plus he has great widgets and he blogs very often and they are so well written! It’s a really great example for me to learn from to become a really good blogger.

So I found a really great blog that I can learn from can you think of any that you can show so I can be the best I can? Leave a link in the comment section BELOW


For many years Warmth and Coldness have been explained as the particle theory

Particle theory basicly is a hot object is when the particles are going very fast, When it is cold the particles move very slow.

You really cant say that when you put a pot of water on a stove the water dosnt absorb heat the heat makes the particles move faster and faster until it boils

when you put something in the freezer it dosnt freeze the particles slow down slowy until they stop witch is when it turns to ice.

When a hot object like something thats been hit and it collides with something cold like something still it tranfers the particles and the still one becomes very fast

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Cold And Warm…

Heat and cold are two very different things, cold, a temperature below 5 degrees celsious. Heat, any temperature above 10 degrees celcious.

How do we keep ourselves cool on a hot summer’s day? Well most people use air conditioners, fans or blinds. Air conditions is something big and heavy that  sits in a window and regulates the temperature and keeps it cool but they use a lot of electricity . A fan has a blade that spin very fast to keep a room cool and doesn’t use very much electricity. Blinds are just to keep a room dark and cool no electricity used.

How do you keep yourself warm a cold winters day? People use furnaces, insulation or fire places. There are many different types of furnaces, oil,gas,natural gas ect, insulation is to keep warmth in on cold days, it’s also the pink fluffy stuff in your walls, finally people use fire places to keep houses warm by having the heat from wood or whatever your burning to send out heat.

So for science class please fill out the surveys for hot and cold so I can learn about what kinds of heating and cooling systems people use throughtout the world!

Podcasting. My First!

podcast FT allen and cameron

This is my podcast about what kinds of music me cameron and allen like.

We all have different opinions about what kinds of music we like and why we like them. Allen likes older bands like the betals and acdc and he likes multiple songs from the bands so he cant pick favourites from them. Allen like more of mellow smotth rock and roll also along with some crazy acdc

I on the other hand like multiple bands and a few only one song from so really it wasn’t really that hard trying to pick favourites. and I like more of punk,screamo and rock

Cameron likes a few bands and multiple songs from the band. Cameron likes blood on the dance floor, billy talent and three days grace, Also he also like alot of songs from each band

Compassion? What Is It?

Compassion? What is it really? In my mind I think its when someone thinks strongly about the topic they are talking about unlike some repoters who sit there flat faced with a stone cold expression of nothing. You can tell when someone feels compassion about the subject when they put more expression in their voice,Use a few gestures and also seem happier when reporting about it.

Although there is a group of people that are always very passionate about their jobs and they are sports reporters! they need to be passionate about their work because they know about all the sports like Don Cherry. Almost everyone knows Don Cherry he is one of the most famous hockey reporters ever, Plus he’s very passionate about his work.

My dad and grandpa both over the summer worked at a solar panel company named sun edison, My dad and grandpa were very passionate about their work! My dad invented a sling with a bucket attached for holding tools and parts! My grandpa had everyone in his team of guys wokring 30% faster than all the other teams besides my dads. My dad made getting things easier and my grandpa made everything move faster. They worked on it for a good part of the summer like 99.999% of it. They also made good money.

I’m passionate about my work its all on my best page if you want to check it out. If you have something to add or say leave in the comment section BELOW

The Blogging Challenge Where Am I?

student blogging challengeW

Wordle: Blogging
Well the blogging challenge was made by Mrs.W she lives in Australia and she makes these challenges that students complete to make their blogs better.It lasts from September to March, So theres 10 weeks of challenges. but that was only the first part this march will be part 2!!!!

This week every student involved in the challenge is encouraged to join this page where you are randomly paired up with a teacher, There are 11 teachers that are commenting on other students blogs and the funny thing is I’m paired up with my teacher Mr.Carson! Along with three of my class mates and 16 other students from across the world! A few of the challenges have been making your posts better, commenting,  adding images, everything to do with blogging! The blogging challenge has been fun so far hope it only gets even more interesting

Since the beginning of the year my blog has really came along because of the blogging challenge! I’ve learned how to comment better and make better more detailed posts. In the beginning I was a pretty bad blogger but in these past weeks I Have defiantly improved  from punctuation to spelling to capitals! in my goals post I had 13 spelling errors and capitals missed…Not one of my best posts I’ve done! But I only hope to learn how to give more attribution to pictures learn how to check work over more carefully!!

Me personally I love the student blogging challenge. Anything else to add? Other tips for me or just want to comment for the heck of it comment in the comment section BELOW 😀

Oh and ps I made the wordle about the blogging!

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